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About Mediationmark

The key to optimal mediation is awareness. When both parties involved in a dispute are aware of their limitations, and are able to express these, there will be a firm basis for open and clear communication.

My name is Mark van Leeuwen. I have over 25 years of experience in the insurance business, and run my own insurance and finance firm: van Leeuwen Assurantiën & Financieringen. In recent years I have been able to mediate, in several disputes in various fields, such as: divorce cases, business disputes and personal injury claims.

My becoming a mediator was inevitable. For, being an accredited mortgage consultant, I was becoming more and more involved in the issues arising from divorce cases. Ex-spouses needed to make financial settlements, and I soon discovered I was well suited to the role of mediation. I found I was able to guide ex-spouses towards a solution that suited them both.

I grew into this role while pursuing my passion of flying. I am a captain (pilot) for a European airline company. Additionally, I am a flight instructor who instructs trainees during regular flights, I conduct pilot ‘Line Check examinations’ and assess pilots so-called ‘CRM abilities’.

CRM (Crew Resource Management) is a management system in which we make optimal use of all available resources, in order to improve safety and efficiency of company procedures. The goal of CRM is to increase employee awareness. When employees, for example pilots, are aware of their personal limitations they will also become aware of their performance, their team role and the way in which they communicate with colleagues. In this lies the connection with my role as a mediator.

I am experienced in making involved parties aware of their limitations and the effectiveness of their communication, and I can assist them in this. Because of this, both parties are able to communicate openly and clearly with each other, and resolve issues together in a manner beneficial to them both. I am registered as certified mediator by MfN. (Mediation federation Netherlands)

Mark van Leeuwen.
MfN Register Mediator, Family Mediator & Court Mediator.


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